Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most FAQs from our clients.

We have answers for you
  • Can you help me ensure my small business is compliant tax-wise?

    DdR Business Services will handle any bookkeeping tasks such as payroll, GST & PST remittances, WorkSafe BCand ensure your year-end statements are in order so your annual taxes will be filed on time.

  • What does the team do?

    We obtain your bank and credit card records along with receipts, reconcile your accounts, categorize the transactions and provide flawless financial reports every month. Adjustments will be completed for tax compliancy as required.

  • What software do we use for bookkeeping?

    Our team is knowledgeable in numerous software platforms, Quickbooks online, Quickbooks Desktop, Xero Accounting, Sage (Simply Accounting) and willing to accommodate internal industry specific software as required. We prefer to work with our clients for the best software solutions.

    If you’re not on a bookkeeping platform or need to migrate from one to another, we will assist.

  • When can you expect bookkeeping to be done each month?

    Once we receive all your documents along with necessary backup documentation we aim to have your bookkeeping completed within 5 business days.

    Some clients don’t require monthly bookkeeping and prefer quarterly which we can also accommodate.

  • You’re behind in bookkeeping, can you get me up to date?

    If you bookkeeping is behind we can help – whether you’re years behind or a few months. Catchup boookkeping on average takes 1-2 weeks depending on how far behind you are and the average number of transactions per month.

  • You also require CPA services?

    DdR Business Services Inc. works alongside preferred reputable CPA firms to ensure that your personal and professional finances are accurate, forward-looking, and complete.  Pricing to be determined by CPA firm.